Supreme Court seeks clarification from registry on delay in listing the review petition of fugitive Vijay Mallya

Photo: Social MediaIn the contempt case of fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya , the Supreme Court has sought cleanliness from its own registry. The Supreme Court has sought clarification from the authorities attached to the Registry in the matter of why the petition was not listed for 3 years by Vijay Mallya ‘s reconsideration petition filed in the case of May 2017 guilty of contempt of court . ALSO READ – Big decision on Nirav Modi, court

What did the Supreme Court say?

Taking a review petition of Vijay Mallya in the Supreme Court , a bench of Justice U U Lalit and Justice Ashok Bhushan said that…

Why the review petition has not been listed before the court for the last 3 years. The court also directed the registry to reveal the names of the officers who had filed this file 3 years ago.

Adalat has asked for clarification in this regard within 2 weeks.

What is the matter?

In a 2017 judgment by the Supreme Court, Vijay Mallya was found guilty of contempt, in which he is accused of concealing property information. Vijay Mallya transferred US $ 40 million to his children’s accounts, for which the Supreme Court found liquor baron Vijay Mallya guilty of contempt . On 9 May 2017, a petition was filed by Vijay Mallya against the Supreme Court’s decision in which Vijay Mallya was found guilty of contempt of court on a petition filed by Banking Consortium led by State Bank India (SBI) .

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Government seeks extradition

The Indian government is trying to extradite Vijay Mallya to the British government to bring Vijay Mallya against whom Vijay Mallya had filed an appeal in the British court, in which he lost. An extradition treaty was signed between India and Britain in 1992, under which efforts are being made to bring Vijay Mallya to India, the Government of India has asked Britain not to consider Vijay Mallya’s asylum petition.

Accuse Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya took a loan of 9000 crores from banks for his airline company Kingfisher which is now closed. In the year 2016, Vijay Mallya escaped from India without returning the bank loan. Banks contended against Mallya seeking contempt , arguing that the disbursement of US $ 40 million among his children directly violated the order of the Karnataka High Court in which the transaction was banned without the permission of the court .

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