What is the effect of any type of litigation on a government job?

In today’s time, having a court case or FIR on someone has become a common problem, most people are suffering from it, due to which the question arises in everyone’s mind that what kind of litigation will have any effect on the government job.

There are two types of litigation.

1.  civil case

2.  Criminal trial

In civil case there are cases like family dispute, property sharing etc. whereas criminal cases like theft, murder, rape etc.

What is the effect of a criminal case on a government job?

  1. If someone files a criminal case against you, then just by filing a lawsuit, there is no problem with your government job, but if you are arrested in the said case and for more than 24 hours police custody or If kept in judicial custody , your department may suspend you but you are not dismissed from your job. You are temporarily fired from your job when suspended, but you are permanently removed from your job upon dismissal.
  2. If you are facing a criminal trial but you have not been arrested or arrested , but you have not been kept in custody for more than 24 hours, then your department cannot suspend you but it should file your case Manger is empowered to investigate at its own level.
  3. If you are sentenced to more than 24 hours in a criminal trial and the High Court or Supreme is taking time to appeal to the Court as well as to avoid arrest Bell ‘s take up even your department suspended you Gives on But if you do not go for appeal to the upper court against the decision of the lower court, then your department can dismiss you.

How does a civil case affect a government job?

  • If you are running a civil case such as property distribution etc. then there is no provision of punishment in the civil case but if you are fined then it will not affect your government job.
  • But if your wife makes a case of domestic violence or dowry harassment on you and is punished by the court, then your government job can go.

How to save a job if there is a lawsuit?

  1. Do not let your department know that you have been arrested for more than 24 hours or you have been punished with a fine of more than 100 hours .
  2. You should appeal the case related to criminal lawsuits so that you can stay in your job for longer.
  3. You can appeal against every decision of the Lower Court in the Upper Court like; You can file an FIR in Upper Court against FIR quashing , arrest stay , charge sheet quashing , summons , warrant . In this way, you will remain in the government job for a long time because every hearing takes a lot of time in the court and you continue in your job until you are finally sentenced in that case.

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